Virtual Production Manager (VPM) is a new and unique approach for small to medium sized touring artists who want to ensure they have the best shows and a smooth tour but might not have access to the resources of the big acts. These tours have to be scrappy and smart with production dollars to make things happen. That’s where a BPI Virtual Production Manager can really shine. For a budget friendly weekly rate, you can bring decades of touring experience, connections and infrastructure on board your tour. During pre-production, we can handle all your logistics planning and tour advance work laying a solid plan for your tour coordinator to execute.

During the tour, we will support your touring team with a base camp of personnel and resources standing by to help solve the challenges encounter on the road. Anything can (and usually does) happen on tour. Having the seasoned experts at BPI on tap can help overcome everything from missing gear to missing people. (Yep, that’s happened.)

After the tour is over, we can help your business manager close everything out and making sure everything is in your most optimal outcome. We can help with everything from gear challenges to bookkeeping and accounting advice specific to touring.

We are the missing piece of the puzzle you need to be confident your tour has the best possible chance of success. Let’s chat today and get specific with how we can help.

Just What You Need

When You Need It

BPI Virtual Production Manager is adaptable to only the support you need. Nothing more… Nothing Less…




The overall success, efficiency and experience of your tour is all dictated in the pre production phase. All of the critical planning and problem solving needs to be done now, long before the buss rolls.

  • Production Advance
    • Overall production check. BPI will go over your entire production from start to finish to ensure the full tour is compatible with every venue and all logistical requirements are met.
  • Riders Written
    • BPI will produce your full artist rider to ensure that all communications between production and venues is efficient and accurate.
  • Back-line & Equipment Rentals
    • Sometimes you need a bit more than your venues will offer. BPI can coordinate all of your equipment logistics including transportation.
  • Logistics
    • Trucking and ground transportation for crew.
  • Travel Supervision
    • Oversee all of the travel and accommodation arrangements (working with your travel coordinator) to ensure budgetary compliance and look for savings opportunities.
  • Production Manager Orientation
    • Working with your Production Manager/Coordinator or placing one of our experienced PMs on your tour are both available options. In either case, BPI will get the production manager up to speed and ready to hit the tour running.
  • Tour Budget
    • BPI will produce a budget for your tour.



When your tour is on the road, dealing with the day to day curveballs is just part of the game. Having the BPI team standing by to help deal with things will let the tour team stay focused on the road.

  • Virtual Production Manager
    • Production manager and support. BPI will be available at all times to support your team on the road when any challenges arise.
  • Logistic Management
    • Day to day monitoring and management of tour logistics.
  • Production Schedule
    • The BPI team will assemble a day by day production schedule to ensure the entire tour stays on point.
  • Venue Advance
    • BPI will coordinate all production requirements with each venue on the tour. In addition, specific production operation schedules and crew calls will be arranged.



All done and ready to wrap it up. Let BPI help with expert support in making the most from your tour.

  • Production Equipment
    • Returns of equipment, busses and other gear. Also dealing with any lost or damaged problems.
  • Post Tour Finance Support
    • BPI will support your business manager with final accounting and reconciliation.


BPI Virtual Production Manager

Lets chat! Tell us a little about your touring project and let us dig into how and where we can help. You can call us directly or use the form and we will reach out to you.