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Backstage Pass – E003 – Touring Icon, Jake Berry

Jake Berry joins us to discuss the world of concert touring and how its changed since Jake started oh so many years ago. Jake Berry talks about the music industry in 2020 and how things have changed and give a few tips and pointers to the new class of concert touring professional. Starting with AC/DC, Jake talks with BPI’s Patrick Whalen and takes us through his history, touches on a few of the major highlights and shares some fun stories.

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Backstage Productions Inc.

Backstage Pass – E002 – Touring Legend Tom Mayhue

Tom Mayhue is an absolute legend in the world of concert touring. Working with the likes of Guns and Roses and AC/DC, tom has traveled the world several times over. Today Tom sits down with with BPI’s Patrick Whalen to unpack some of his career and share the ever popular road stories. Enjoy!

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You can also catch the audio only version through Soundcloud!

Backstage Productions Inc.

Backstage Pass – E001 – Xponential Fitness

Welcome to the first episode of Backstage Production’s Backstage Pass! In this episode we take a quick tour of a trade show booth designed to make an impact. Working with our event production partner Toast, we were happy to deliver an experiential marketing design the client had wanted to see for a long while.

Marketing and Branding at live events require you to stand out and we can make that happen.

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