RJ LynnCOONorco, CA.30+

RJ Lynn

"Only when things are running smoothly and dependably can everything reach its fullest potential.”

RJ Lynn has been involved in the entertainment industry since the age of 6. Starting as a working child actor, RJ quickly moved behind the camera, into media production then into concert, festival, corporate theater and experience marketing event production as a teenager. Throughout his production career, RJ has developed a keen expertise and proven track record in company operations, infrastructure, logistics and quality control. RJ brings over 32 years of experience to BPI’s projects and specialized in video, sound and lighting disciplines.

RJ’s wide array of experience allows him to project manage on a detailed and fluent level with every department involved. Efficient and accurate decision making coupled with his team-building and leadership skills make RJ the ideal person to provide the operational direction and oversight needed to execute and support the wide variety of projects our brought to us by our production partners.

RJ deploys a leadership philosophy oriented around meritocracy, team-building and problem solving. Team synergy and overall internal company culture are always on his radar as team performance is directly related to project success. RJ is focused on maintaining the systems, procedures, policies and workflows to ensure BPI’s production efficiency and outstanding quality are consistent across all BPI projects.